Ear Infections & Chiropractic Care Koo Wee Rup North

Chiropractic Care for Infantile Ear Infections Koo Wee Rup North

Ear pain is a common reason why parents seek chiropractic care for their children. Research suggests that there is a link between the birthing process and recurrent ear infection, also known as otitis media. During the birthing process, cervical (neck) vertebrae can become misaligned, disrupting nerve function, which may affect the drainage of the eustachian tube. This may lead to fluid build up in the middle ear and resultant otitis media.

Antibiotics, the medical treatment of choice for ear infections, are often not effective and may even lead to a recurrence of ear infections due to the well documented impact on gut health, which has a direct effect on the child’s immune system. Many children managed by their medical doctor or paediatrician are dealing with a continuing cycle of repeat ear infections, which lands them back at the medical clinic for yet more antibiotics. Eventually this may even lead to unnecessary grommet surgery. So where does chiropractic fit into this picture?

A promising study published in the Journal of Clinical Chiropractic Pediatrics points towards a correlation between chiropractic adjustments and the resolution of ear infections. 332 children with chronic ear infections participated in the study. Each child, ranging in age from 27 days to 5 years, was given a series of chiropractic adjustments. The results show that close to 80% of the children did not experience another ear infection within the six-month period following their initial visits. The six-month period included maintenance treatments every four to six weeks.

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